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Financing Help

Have you been turned down on a LEASE or LOAN application?

If you have been declined, the reason doesn’t matter – LeaseBusters and Car Loans 411 have the solution for you that will get you approved and into a car or light duty truck of your choice.

Car Loans 411 has a nationwide experienced and professional dealer-body that will supply you with your loan approval and a selection of new and pre-owned vehicles that will satisfy your needs.

The process is FAST and EASY
    ✔ Apply Online – fill out the form below; it literally takes a minute of your time
    ✔ Get Approved – the credit approval process is very quick, you will be contacted shortly
    ✔ Select your vehicle & Drive Away – it’s that simple

Apply Online Now!

It's fast, free, and secure

We have the fastest approval process in Canada! Everyone is approved!

Get a car loan today in just 3 easy steps!

Do I qualify for a car loan?

18 years old or older?
Yes   No
Sorry, you must be 18 years old or older.
Earn $1,800 or more each month?
Yes   No
Sorry, you must earn $1,800 or more each month.
Working for 3 months or more?
Yes   No
Sorry, you must be working for 3 months or more.

Congrats, you qualify!

Customer Testimonials

"What can I say? You guys got me the car I wanted and the loan I needed. Now I can finally drive my kids to school again!"

John T
Toronto, ON

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