20 of the ugliest car mods you have ever seen

We know that people take pride in their rides, but sometimes things go a little too far.  When the show Pimp My Ride came out, people may have gotten too excited and brought their custom car mods to a whole new level.

As a sentiment to that, we are taking a look at 20 of the ugliest car mods you have ever seen.

1. Custom mirror

We can’t blame this person for coming up with a quick solution to their problem.  Getting your car repaired is expensive, but having proper visibility can be critical, especially when driving in busy areas.  I hope this person was finally able to fix their mirror!

broken side mirror using attached mirror

2. Bu-stang

A Buick? A Mustang? How about a Bu-stang? Perhaps they are packing some extra horses under the hood. That sweet custom air intake vent also adds extra credibility 😉

buick with a mustang logo

3. Serious? Or college prank?

We are not sure if this is a serious picture or not, but it is definitely worthy of a top 20 mention.  How is the driver supposed to see beyond this ridiculous air vent? Part of me thinks this is actually a prank done by some college kids on an unsuspecting victim.

car with a massive air vent attached on hood

4. Spam Fan

Not only does this person have an exhaust that is way too large for their car, but you can probably hear them coming from another province. They must drive this car on flat roads only, otherwise, that exhaust will get damaged pretty easily!

honda civic with huge exhaust

5. Purple Fur

This purple beauty must not have a very good time in the rain.  I’d be worried that mold would start to grow within the fabric they have so elegantly placed over the car.  Oh, and nice hat.

purple velvet car with a hat on the roof

6. Ford Focus Drop Top

Correct me if I am wrong, but this looks like a Ford Focus that had the roof chopped off.  I guess you can truly turn any car into a convertible if you put your mind to it.  A custom Ford Focus convertible, with bronze spray painted rims is definitely worthy of the top 20.

custom convertible ford focus with ugly painted rims

7. Broken Window

Maybe this person got drunk and forgot they were fixing their car window, rather than their shed.  Or maybe they needed a quick patch job in a hurry.  Either way, the cocking job is second rate, but at least it will stop the rain.

horrible custom window in a car

8. Big Truck, Yellow Rims

They say everything is bigger in Texas, so that must include the rims of your pickup truck.  Not sure if neon yellow was the right colour choice here though… Would pink have been better?

white pickup truck with big neon yellow rims

9. Big Truck, Pink Rims?

Referring to the last image, I don’t think the pink rims made any improvement.  In fact, they might actually be worse.  At least their tow hitch matches, although I am not sure that is a good thing.

white pickup truck with big pink rims

10. The new Fordwagen Lamborjetta

This person is definitely confused on which type of vehicle they drive. Perhaps this is their winter beater, and the lambo is sitting at home in the garage.  There is still no excuse for the Ford logo… I am very confused by this approach.

confused jetta driver



11. Grand Theft Auto Steering Mod

Nice custom steering wheel, too bad it’s totally illegal.  It looks like they took a hacksaw and just chopped off the top and bottom parts of the wheel.  Reminds me a bit of a steering wheel for a video game, which is kind of cool, regardless though this mod is stupid dangerous.

illegal sawed off steering wheel

12. Mazda Miata on Steroids

This Mazda Miata appears to be on steroids. It also looks like they would need a step ladder just to get inside the vehicle. Are they compensating for something else…. ?

mazda miata with ridiculously high rims

13. DM The Nudes

This guy is definitely stealing all the hearts of the ladies he passes by.  Or at least that’s what he thinks.  At least add your Instagram account if you want to be taken seriously. If I can say anything positive about his rear spoiler mod, is that it is definitely good for a laugh.

white car with sticker that says DM the nudes

14. Cars from the Crypt

So here we have a car which looks to be driven by Satan himself.  Or at least somebody who has an obsession with the dark side.  It looks like this car was driven by the Crypt Keeper from Tales from the Crypt.

car with skeletons and dead baby dolls attached to it

15. Jesus Mobile

To contrast the above vehicle, we have found a driver who has an opposite state of mind. This “Jesus mobile” is basically covered from top to bottom in stickers promoting their love for the lord. It’s great to have faith, but I’m afraid this person has gone a little overboard.  Side note: nice touch with the yellow rims.

jesus mobile with lots of religious bumper stickers

16. A little too much Disney

Staying on track with excessive amounts of car ornaments attached to a vehicle, we see another exciting ride pimped out with your favourite Disney characters.

car with a bunch of disney stuffed animals attached to it

17. Save a Few Dollars With Cardboard

This might be the cheapest mod on the list, but in this case, that is definitely not a good thing.  This GAZ Volga looks like it became a kindergarten arts and crafts project.  If that is the case, credit goes out to the 6-year-old child who slapped this together.

GAZ 31029 volga custom cardboard box

18. Hunter on Wheels

This Honda Acty might have come straight from Japan, then put right into the forest for a little bit of hunting action.  I actually kind of like this mod, so it doesn’t fully deserve to be on this list.  I just wouldn’t drive too fast in fear the hunting shed would fall right off.

hunting shed built into the back of a small truck

19. Be Careful Stepping Inside the Limo

This custom Vaz 2107 looks like it’s about to break in two. It literally looks like two of these classic Russian cars were sawed in half, then glued together to form a limo.  I would definitely rather walk, then take a ride in this makeshift limo.

custom vaz 2107 limo

20. Aerodynamics at its best

This aerodynamic beauty looks like the back bumper is about to fall off. What do they have going on in the back of this car? The modification they installed might cost more than the actual car itself.

custom aerodynamic chev cavalier

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