Best gas saving tips for Canadians

It’s not a secret for daily drivers that the price of gasoline is getting higher and higher each year. This increase in prices force people to look towards small, low-cost cars with a little gas consumption. An alternative option might be the purchase of electric vehicles, which are gaining popularity worldwide. Some countries, like Sweden and Germany, are planning to switch entirely to this type of car in the next decade. On the other hand, what about those people who still drive gasoline cars and are looking for cheaper saving options rather than buying a new vehicle? Well, they still can use small tricks to reduce fuel consumption. At CarLoans 411 we will list the most effective ways of how to accomplish these magic gas saving tips, without spending everything from your annual family budget and maxing out your credit card.

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Do not use the air conditioner in vain

The next time you feel like dying from the heat in the car, think whether it would be better to open a window rather than to use air conditioning. Why? I don’t know because personally I prefer it to be like Antarctica in my personal vehicle than to turn into fried bacon. However, numerous studies indicate that in urban conditions, the usage of air conditioning is not desirable, as it only increases the fuel consumption. On the other hand, when you are riding on highways, it is better not open the windows as it increases drag and air conditioning won’t affect the fuel consumption as much.

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Better slow, but safe

A very simple, but effective tip. Many experienced drivers suffer from overconfidence, especially on the highways and drive faster than the posted limit speed. It hits your wallet harder than you might think because to increase the speed, the engine needs to run at higher capacity, which requires more gasoline. Riding within the speed limit will save you up to several litres of gasoline per day. Even without a calculator, one can understand that during the year the amount money saved will be significant.

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Keep your tires properly inflated

When your car goes on asphalted surfaces, it is necessary for the tire resistance to be minimal, allowing the vehicle to gain speed faster while using less gasoline. Under-inflation causes more fuel consumption, and the tires wear out faster. So, regularly check your tires and inflate if necessary. Set yourself a reminder on your phone to periodically visit the place where you service your car to save yourself from surprises associated with higher-than-usual gas consumption. Thank us later.

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Don’t too much time trying to warm up your engine

It is unclear how this advice survived for a few decades, but you should know that you don’t need to spend too much time in the winter trying to warm up your vehicle before you use it. In fact, it is a big mistake for many new and experienced drivers. Thirty seconds will be enough for the engine to be ready.

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Don’t idle when there’s no need

A few minutes of idling is a big waste of gasoline. If you know that you have to wait “a couple” of minutes for your girlfriend while she is in the store, it is better to turn off the engine and go through your Instagram or Facebook feed instead.

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Use your brakes more intelligently

For lovers of speed, “braking” is a terrible word. It is worth considering that your brakes play a critical role in fuel economy. Have you seen how some truck drivers, instead of driving up close, maintained a safe distance of 15-20 meters to the car in front of them and then just slowly roll to a stop? When you don’t slam on the brakes at the last minute, you could up to 35% of fuel every day. It is best to not act like you’re on a race track and wear out the brake pads.

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Don’t drive with the junk in your trunk

If you are driving a pickup truck, and you don’t need to carry tools or trees in the trunk, it opens up the option to reduce the amount of fuel consumed. Every 100 pounds that you load in the car increases fuel consumption by 2%. Thus, sometimes it is better to check the trunk of your vehicle for any junk, including clothes and instruments that you won’t need during your trip.

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Maintain your car regularly

Whatever it is, air filter, oil change or an engine tune-up, you should regularly check your vehicle for serviceability. This will help you to avoid significant expenses in the future, and will also contribute to saving some fuel. Sometimes it’s better to invest in a newer vehicle right now than to deal with significant problems down the road. This advice not only applies to your vehicle but for everything in life, including your own personal health.  Think of it like getting a checkup from the doctor, it’s best not to have any surprises, and to stop problems before they start.

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Use public transportation instead of a car

Yes, this is a car blog, but in reality,  there is no simpler advice than the one that eliminates any interaction with your car as a whole. The main Canadian cities like Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver, have very developed transportation systems. That allows people to commute to work without using personal vehicles and sometimes make such trips faster in time. It is also worth mentioning that a monthly pass in each city will cost you less than three or four full tanks. You’ll be more flexible with the money, and it will be easier to estimate your monthly budget. As an experiment, why not trust municipal officials over the next month and use public transportation? Just remember to dress warmly and take an umbrella with you as it might come in handy.

We have listed only the best tips, which in our opinion will be able to save the maximum number of litres of precious gasoline. However, there are minor tweaks, like the proper planning of your trips, checking for the presence of a gas cap and refuel the car in the early morning or late evening when the fuel prices are lower. Overall, if you follow these tips, you will start seeing a bit of extra cash in your wallet.

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