2019 Pickup trucks we are expecting in 2018

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Autumn is here, which means that the hottest selling season in Canada is in full swing.   2017 was marked by increased demand for pickup trucks. The big three (GMC, Ford and Dodge) all reported an increase of vehicle sales compared to last year. Automakers are preparing for another strong year with a new

How to turn your old car into a classic car

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This article is a part of our guest post project which allows copywriters to spread the word about the automotive industry.  By definition, all classic cars are old cars, but not all old cars are classic cars. What gives? In its strictest (and some might add stodgiest) definition, as put forth by the Classic

Ten cars you have never heard of

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Most motorists will be able to name you a list of two to three dozen car manufacturers. Half of them will be well known to ordinary people, who are interested in the market and are searching for their perfect car.   However, there is a considerable amount of vehicles around the world, about which only

The best and worst cars of 2017 according to Canadians

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When people choose a new car, they always strive to find the best value for less money. It can be quite an enjoyable hobby for some, as you might spend weeks searching for the best price right after you’ve decided on the car you want. With websites like autotrader.ca, you will save time, however, nobody can promise

Record number of car sales in May 2017

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For the second time ever, car sales have toppled 200,000 units sold during a single month in Canada.  May 2017 proved to be the best selling month for vehicles in the history of Canada with 216,861 units sold. These are very impressive numbers considering May has been widely regarded as one of the most

Backup cameras will become mandatory in new cars as of 2018

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According to Transport Canada, all new cars sold in Canada will need to have a backup camera system installed. This new mandatory law will aim to reduce accidents, specifically involving children, elderly folks, and people with disabilities. From 2004 - 2009, Transport Canada estimated that there were over 1,500 injuries and 27 fatalities which could

Great Canadian road trips

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With the first long weekend of the summer comes the beginning of road trip season. Canadians across the country are gearing up to hit the road with their windows down, playlists blasting and maps at the ready. In case you’re stuck on where to go, here is some adventure inspiration for some of the

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