What are the most popular car insurance myths?

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Car insurance is mandatory for all drivers in Canada. Which is why it’s not surprising that people are continuously generating myths around it. Some of them at first glance are quite justified. The others, however, after a closer examination, only reaffirm our belief that people create these myths on the fly. Of course, they

Ranking Canadian license plates: worst to best

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Canada is a massive country in terms of land size and even though our population is quite scarce in some regions, we all have something in common: we like to drive.  The country is jigsawed together with unique provinces and territories, each with their own culture and flare.  Being a Canadian website about cars,

Ten cars you have never heard of

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Most motorists will be able to name you a list of two to three dozen car manufacturers. Half of them will be well known to ordinary people, who are interested in the market and are searching for their perfect car.   However, there is a considerable amount of vehicles around the world, about which only

The best and worst cars of 2017 according to Canadians

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When people choose a new car, they always strive to find the best value for less money. It can be quite an enjoyable hobby for some, as you might spend weeks searching for the best price right after you’ve decided on the car you want. With websites like autotrader.ca, you will save time, however, nobody can promise

American vs European vs Japanese cars: which do you pick?

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The competition between the American, European and Japanese automotive industries has been happening for the last hundred years. If you find very ardent fans and listen to their discussions, it will be similar to a debate between presidential candidates from the Republicans and Democrats. In the era of globalization, it is tough to find the differences between

Lowering your insurance premiums as a new driver

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Part of the whole driving experience is dealing with insurance companies, and trying to get the absolute best rate.  After all, it is illegal to drive a vehicle without insurance.  The problem that many young drivers face, is that their monthly premiums are very high as the insurance companies label novice drivers, particularly men, high risk. There

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