Best gas saving tips for Canadians

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It's not a secret for daily drivers that the price of gasoline is getting higher and higher each year. This increase in prices force people to look towards small, low-cost cars with a little gas consumption. An alternative option might be the purchase of electric vehicles, which are gaining popularity worldwide. Some countries, like

Lowering your insurance premiums as a new driver

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Part of the whole driving experience is dealing with insurance companies, and trying to get the absolute best rate.  After all, it is illegal to drive a vehicle without insurance.  The problem that many young drivers face, is that their monthly premiums are very high as the insurance companies label novice drivers, particularly men, high risk. There

The art of negotiating

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You can be a skilled shopper; price is matching your groceries or shopping for merchandise off-season to get the best deals, but when it comes to car shopping it’s a whole different story. Those hours spent negotiating the price, arranging financing and finally completing the purchase are about as enjoyable as going to the

Pay off your loan faster

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Aside from winning the lottery you probably won’t be able to pay off your loan months in advance of its term end. That being said, there are a few tricks that will help you speed up the process, but you need to start now. Remember that paying off your loan won’t happen by accident,