How to Remain Focused Behind the Wheel

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This article is a part of our guest post project which allows copywriters to spread the word about the automotive industry.  Driving a motorized vehicle is a huge privilege. It is also a lot of fun. However, it comes with a ton of responsibilities. Besides the usual repairs and maintenance, it is your obligation

Safety in school zones

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The school year is ending and with summer approaching there is no better time than now to discuss vehicle safety in school zones. It’s important that when you are in a school zone, or the surrounding neighbourhoods (everywhere, really), that you remain focused and observant. Children don’t always remember to look both ways before crossing the

Bad news, you bought a lemon

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You’re driving down the street in your shiny, new car and it feels like nothing can stop you! That is until it starts making a funny noise, stalling unexpectedly or just won’t start. After a trip to the mechanic, it’s more bad news and a hefty repair bill. Exactly the opposite experience you expected

Tips for rainy day driving

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Admittedly, we’ve had a very mild winter, and while we can all be thankful that the worst is over, we are now facing a new driving challenge… rain. With temperatures on the rise across Canada, we are starting to experience slick roads and poor visibility. If you must drive in the rain, or while

Thinking about winter tires?

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Now that the snow has finally decided to make an appearance wet, slushy, snow-covered and icy roads are presenting a challenge to Canadian drivers. Since road and weather conditions can change at a moment’s notice it’s important to ensure you’re vehicle is as safe as possible. Winter tires can greatly improve the way your car handles