What factors affect your car insurance?

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Imagine yourself behind the wheel of a new car and driving off into the sunset on an empty road. This is not a dream but legitimate expectations before deciding on buying a new car. These moments always bring a lot of happiness in the first days. But after you got a new vehicle, do not

How to turn your old car into a classic car

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This article is a part of our guest post project which allows copywriters to spread the word about the automotive industry.  By definition, all classic cars are old cars, but not all old cars are classic cars. What gives? In its strictest (and some might add stodgiest) definition, as put forth by the Classic

Ranking Canadian license plates: worst to best

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Canada is a massive country in terms of land size and even though our population is quite scarce in some regions, we all have something in common: we like to drive.  The country is jigsawed together with unique provinces and territories, each with their own culture and flare.  Being a Canadian website about cars,

American vs European vs Japanese cars: which do you pick?

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The competition between the American, European and Japanese automotive industries has been happening for the last hundred years. If you find very ardent fans and listen to their discussions, it will be similar to a debate between presidential candidates from the Republicans and Democrats. In the era of globalization, it is tough to find the differences between

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