Why should Millennials consider buying a car?

Being a Millennial, I faced the challenge to make the right choices in my life without counting on anybody else. In this case, it only depends on me whether or not to follow the advice of my parents who grew up on very different principles. After all, today there is a clear trend among young people who wish to not spend money on material things that will only bring short-term satisfaction, but instead to invest in emotions and impressions like traveling. Therefore, such important things like buying your own property or a car take a back seat for millennials. It’s too hard and requires longterm planning of your budget and to have a good credit score. Instead, they rent cars from various companies for a short period of time. I believe that in the long run, owning your own personal vehicle will be much cheaper and more convenient than the constant need to rent a car and return it back the next day.

More impressions and emotions

Now, when you are only 18, 20 or 22, you have no reason to leave the city, which has everything you need. Trips out of town for fishing, hiking, and camping are becoming less popular in recent years. No one wants to bother with preparing the equipment or thinking through a route. We still have a large group of people, who prefer leisure activities over drinking a cocktail on a sandy beach and they try to leave the urban jungle at the first opportunity. Your trip abroad is the event that will occur only a few times a year, but the chance to take your personal car on Saturday morning to explore the nearby natural park for the whole day can help you find even more impressions in a small period of time. After all, we live in Canada – one of the most beautiful countries in the world with some of the most beautiful scenery that cannot be seen within a vast metropolis.

Freedom from rent companies

Your personal vehicle allows you to be free when planning your holidays or small trips for the near future. At the end of the day, many people come to appreciate owning their own car sooner or later. You can’t ignore all the possibilities that can open up in front of you when you buy even the cheapest car. After a year or two of using your own vehicle (depending on its price), you will be able to cover all expenses that theoretically would go to rental car companies like Avis, Heartz, and Enterprise.

Couple with car in pine forest

Therefore, my advice for all millennials who think they can live without a personal car, would be to think about all the opportunities that can open up for them. When you leave your parents house, your life will be presented to yourselves, and all words from our loved ones should not be considered a leftover from the past. These “adults problems,” sooner or later will be your problems as well, and buying a new or used car should not be considered a problem, but more of a solution. It is best before buying to carefully study this question, to meet people that have been in the automotive field for a long time and find a good mechanic which will help you to reduce your spending for maintenance. It’ll really help you in the future because, at the end of the day, a personal car is a necessary for all who want to enjoy more freedom.

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