Perfect cars for your family

Whether you are already a proud parent, are expecting a child or are planning for your future family, a secure and reliable vehicle is important. Your vehicle should take you on your daily errands, out of town on a road trip and everywhere in between. That being said, a safe and economic choice is crucial. Manufacturers are aware of the need for family-friendly vehicles and offer plenty of options at multiple price points to suit all buyers’ needs. They’re constantly developing new technology to protect your precious cargo and make the drive increasingly enjoyable.

Here are some of our favourite safety-enhanced models based on class:

Minivan: Toyota Sienna

This is a great option for families that need additional seating. They’re roomy and safe, which is a great combination for families. Like most vans, it’s got plenty of cargo space so you can stow sports gear, backpacks, groceries, strollers, etc… to your heart’s content. You can tow some considerable weight, too!

Budget-Friendly: Mazda 3

This spunky little compact is ideal for smaller families. Known for it’s responsive handling, the Mazda 3 can maneuvre through suburbs to country without issue. Fans of this car love the comfortable interior, which boasts enough room for multiple car seats in the back.

Compact: Honda Fit

If you’re a devoted fan of hatchbacks, have no fear! With the Fit you don’t need to give up your beloved compact when baby arrives. This small vehicle has become a family-friendly standout since it hit the market 8 years ago. Highlights include a plush, convenient interior, outstanding fuel economy and one-of-a-kind “Magic Seat” that has multiple folding compositions depending on what you’re transporting. Worrying about travelling with the baby, stroller and dog will be a thing of the past with this one.

Wagon: Subaru Outback

Wagons are a great family vehicle. They have considerable interior space, are good on gas and are packed with safety features. Cruise control, collision warning systems and outstanding crash test scores make it among one of the safest vehicles on the road. Not to mention the fact that station wagons are enjoying a resurgence in popularity that makes them a super-trendy parentmobile.

Crossover: Nissan Murano

As the name suggests, you get the luxury of a high-end vehicle, but without the hefty price tag. The powerful engine makes this a solid ride, especially for long distances, while maintaining decent fuel economy. The adjustable rear seats make carrying all of your family’s gear a non-issue. Plus, there is plenty of room for car or booster seats. For those concerned that safety has been sacrificed for looks, there is no need. The Murano boasts stability and traction control, safety locks, emergency braking assistance and 4-wheel drive ABS, just to name a few.

With no shortage of fun and family-friendly vehicles on the market you should have no problem finding the perfect car for your clan at an affordable price. Now, if it’s financing you are worried about, let us help! has assisted hundreds of thousands of Canadians get the car of their dreams in just a few easy steps. Don’t risk your family’s future with an unreliable vehicle. Let us help you get approved for a loan, so you can stop stressing and start driving!

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