Ready to buy a new car?

So, you’re ready for a new car, but with so many options available how do you know which one is right for you? We will explore some of the different aspects you should consider when looking for a vehicles. Hopefully this information makes the car lots a little easier to navigate!

What type of car do you need?

Think about your life and how a car will fit into it. Thinking about your lifestyle will make car shopping a whole lot easier if you only look at vehicles that meet your unique needs. While popular options include sedans, SUVs, pickup trucks and minivans, consider these points to narrow down your options:

  • How many passengers will you carry? If the answer is more than four you, should consider a van.
  • Have young children? You’ll want to think about car seat installation, getting them in and out of the car, transporting their strollers, etc… You may not want to be constantly bending over a low riding car to buckle their straps, but be more comfortable in a SUV or minivan.
  • Where you drive and how often; sedans and compacts are fuel efficient in urban centers, while off-roading is best suited to a SUV or truck.
  • Do you need a lot of cargo space? A station wagon, SUV or pickup truck are your best bet.
  • Will you be towing vehicles or machinery? Pickup trucks have the engine size to accommodate a heavy load.

Do your research on new or used vehicles

Whether you’re looking for a new or used vehicle, current and accurate information is essential to making an educated decision. Make sure you are looking at credible sources, verifying facts on multiple sites and making detailed notes. Write down questions you would like answered by a salesperson or want to learn more about.

Part of researching a vehicle involves reading reviews. There are plenty of reliable sites online that put a lot of hard work into testing cars. To find a review, simply type the make and model of the car you are interested in, plus “review,” to a web search engine. It’s always good to get another person/people’s perspective on a big-ticket purchase.

How much can you afford?

For most of us, a high-end sports car is unrealistic financially, our income and savings mean we have to take a much more cost-effective approach to our vehicle selection.

When you’re working out how much money you have for a down payment and, if you are taking out a loan, for your monthly payments, be sure to consider the long term operating costs, not just the sticker price. Fuel, insurance, maintenance and repairs are all things you’ll have to account for when budgeting for your new vehicle.

If you’re worried that a poor credit score or lack of funds to make a down payment will hinder your ability to purchase a vehicle, fear not. works with lenders across the country to help people with bad credit; no credit and slow credit get a car. Monthly payments are scaled to meet your unique financial needs and still allow you to have a life!

This information will provide the foundation for your vehicle purchase plan. Do some thinking, talk to family and friends, and get online to do your research. is here to help you every step of the way. And, don’t forget to have fun!

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