Tesla Model X is so safe that NHTSA has no rating for it

NHTSA last week conducted an independent crash test of the Tesla Model X – the first Tesla SUV. This happened only two years after the American company started manufacturing the cars. Thus, nobody can really explain why it took so long for NHTSA to conduct this test.

However, more impressive was the results of the test. In each category, as well as sub-categories, the electric vehicle has received a 5-star safety rating. This is the first electric-powered SUV, which has been given the government’s highest safety rating across the board.

In its blog, Tesla administration stated that such result was possible thanks to the design of its powertrain and all-electric structure. No other car manufacturer currently uses such technology in their SUV models.

No other SUV has ever come close to meeting and exceeding this rollover requirement.

Also, an important role in security plays the stiff and rigid battery pack that is installed beneath the floor. Thus, this creating a concentration of gravity so low that it allows Model X to have the lowest rollover possibility among all vehicles of this class that drives today on the roads.

NHTSA posted a video on YouTube in recent days, showing how the car crumple like an accordion at different angles.

The American company has always been famous for excellent results in government crash tests.  In 2013, their first model Tesla Model S destroyed test ratings and became the first electric car that had achieved such results.

However, in 2016, an accident with one of the owners of the vehicle happened. Model S, driven by autopilot, crashed at full speed into the truck, causing the driver’s death. It was the impetus for Tesla CEO Elon Musk to pay more attention to safety features in their next SUV vehicle called the Model X. As you can see now, all the mistakes of the past were taken into account.

Such a result will undoubtedly benefit the company, which should soon bring to the market a new car called the Model 3. This vehicle should be the first mass-market electric car and retrace the price tag which should be approximately around $40,000.

Also, this September, Elon Mask should present the first all-electric semi truck.

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