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British Columbia is famous in Canada for its beautiful scenery. Many roads across the province go through the mountain ranges, which can give you an opportunity to enjoy nature’s beauty from the window of your car. Residents of the major cities often prefer to relax on the weekend at the campground. Therefore, in British Columbia, people should have a vehicle to be able to leave the city at any moment and relax from the urban vanity. At you can quickly and easily apply for a car loan, even if you have bad credit, and get behind the wheels of your new vehicle in little as 48 hours.

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Before you can get insurance and a license plate in British Columbia, you must register the vehicle with ICBC. If you are not sure about the dealer and think that they might be running a scam, then you can check the VSA list of online scams that is frequently updated.


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Cooling-off Period

When purchasing or financing a vehicle there is no cooling-off period. However, the dealer may have a policy of refund or exchange, which is different for each merchant. They are required to provide a copy of the policy upon signing the contract. On the contrary, a cooling-off period applies to the leasing of vehicles and runs for one day, if the vehicle is still not in your possession.

Contract Cancellation via VSA

In British Columbia, there is no 10 - 30 day period during where you can return the vehicle back to the dealer. If you bought it, then it is yours. However, there may be exceptions. First, each dealer has their own return policy, which is available for the purchase of the vehicle. Secondly, if you were given the wrong information about the car and there is a serious problem that was not disclosed to you, you can file a complaint with the VSA. They will investigate all the circumstances of the sale and submit the final verdict.

All-Inclusive Pricing

Every vehicle ad, whether it is printed or online, must include a total price for the vehicle that the customer should pay. It can also include the cost of accessories already within the car, dealer and pre-delivery fees, as well as transportation. Dealer fees are listed separately but must be disclosed with the total price of the car. You also should remember that GST, PST and tire levy tax, the only government fees in British Columbia, are not included.

Disputing Manufacturing Defects

Upon detection of manufacturing defects, you can use CAMVAP, which helps consumers resolve disputes with manufacturers through mediation. Often, compensation will be expressed in the repair or replacement of vehicle, or by refund.

File a Claim For Compensation

If the dealer where you purchased your vehicle has failed to meet certain obligations, then the customer may contact the Motor Dealer Customer Compensation Fund and apply to receive payment up to $20,000 for reimbursement.

Car Loans 411 checklist before buying new or used car in British Columbia

For all residents of BC that are thinking of buying a new or used vehicle, we recommend using our buyer’s checklist:

Understand your financial limits and conduct research on available models from different dealerships.

Carefully review the details of the contract and any deposits that you are asked to make.

If the dealer offers you new promises or details during the negotiations, ask them to provide it in writing.

Do not sign a purchase agreement if you are not familiar with the terms. Take your time to understand and read it thoroughly.

Be aware of all the nuances of a financial contract before you sign it.

Always ask the dealer or salesperson for copies of the signed document and keep them in your records in case you need to access them later.

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