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The province of Manitoba has a landscape of rivers, lakes, forests, prairies, and mountains that stretch from the Hudson Bay in the east to the Arctic tundra in the north and farmlands in the south. There are more than 70 provincial parks where much of the wilderness is protected, and such activities like biking, hiking, camping, canoeing, and fishing are popular. To see Manitoba in all its beauty, you need a reliable vehicle. However, lot’s of people are faced with the inability to secure financing in Manitoba. With CarLoans411 you can apply easily for a car loan even if you have bad credit and quickly sit behind the wheel of your new car.

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The Motor Vehicle Dealers Act allows consumers to defend their rights when they are buying or leasing a vehicle from a registered person or dealer within Manitoba. Every motor vehicle dealers shall be recorded under the Manitoba Motor Dealers Association. This organization enforces the act in the province of Manitoba.


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Things to consider before buying a vehicle in Manitoba

No cooling-off period

Always remember that all sales are final because you have no cooling-off period when purchasing a vehicle in Manitoba. Do not forget to ask the dealer about the refund or exchange policy before buying the car. Unless the car is defective, both refund and exchange are a matter depending on the dealer policy.

Full information disclosure from the seller

As of January 2012, all MMDA licensed dealers must follow the law of full informational disclosure when selling a vehicle to a consumer. They should include all facts about the history and conditions including but not limited to if it is new or used, if the manufacturer’s warranty was canceled, if it is a lemon in other provinces or if the car was rebadged.

All-Inclusive Pricing

MMDA licensed vehicle dealers must include all-in-price when advertising. Such fees and charges as administration fees, service charges, PDI, and freight should be displayed in the ads. PST and GST may be excluded but only if the advertisement states that they aren’t included. If the dealership has a different car shown in the ad within their inventory, they should notify the consumers of the number of vehicles left. This law does not apply to manufacturers and their advertisements.

How to dispute manufacturing defects

When the customer has a dispute with the car’s manufacturer about the defects in the car they recently bought, they can contact the Canadian Motor Vehicle Arbitration Plan to resolve the matter. Always ask the dealer if the vehicle you purchase qualifies for this program.

File a claim for compensation from a dealer

When an MMDA registered dealer fails to deliver on any part of the purchase, including refund and exchange, the consumer can contact the Motor Vehicle Compensation Fund to ask for compensation. This organization can protect payments up to $25,000. This action can be only fulfilled if the seller does not conduct business for financial reasons. Otherwise, the fund will apply all possible measures to return funds back to the buyer.

Checklist for vehicle purchases in Manitoba

For all residents in Manitoba that are thinking of purchasing a vehicle, we recommend using this buyer’s checklist:

Make sure that you fully understand your financial limits and do research on different models from different dealerships.

Carefully review the contract information and make sure you are aware of any deposits that you are asked to make.

Ask the dealer to provide any promises or offers in writing during the negotiation phase

Make sure you are familiar with the purchase agreement before signing. Always take your time to understand and read it thoroughly.

Read through all the fine print to make sure you do not miss any important details.

Ask the dealer or salesperson for copies of the signed document and keep them in a secure spot in case you need reference them down the road.

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