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Situated in southwestern Ontario, Brantford with the population of 98,000 people, is a birthplace for comedian Phil Hartman, Lawren Harris, and legendary hockey player Wayne Gretzky. It’s also known as the “Telephone City” as Alexander Graham Bell invented the first telephone in Brantford, in his father’s house, Bell Homestead.

The first settlement in Grand River was established in 17th century by Neutral Nation, an Iroquoian-speaking North American indigenous people. Unfortunately, it was destroyed during the Beaver Wars between the Iroquois Confederacy and Attawandaron. Captain Joseph Brant received a large land grant in 1784 as a reward for his loyalty to the British Crown. After the Hamilton and London Roads were improved in 1820, this territory slowly began to grow. During the 19th century, the settlement doubled its size, especially after river navigation was opened and with the coming of the railway to Brantford. Finally, in 1877 Brantford was incorporated as a city. In the 20th century, the Canadian government began to emerge specialized schools to educate First Nation children. Some of them were located in Brantford, including famous Thomas Indian School and Mohawk Institute Residential School.

Brantford exploits its location in full. Today the city is the deepest navigational point of the Grand River and a railroad hub between the Golden Horseshoe region and the South West part of Ontario. Thus, you can find in Brantford a lot of blue-collar jobs in agricultural implement industry.

Like the rest of southwestern Ontario (except Hamilton), Brantford has a humid continental climate with warm summers and freezing winters, but without extreme temperatures.

Brantford is connected with Cambridge to the North by Highway 24. Through the city also passes Alexander Graham Bell Parkway (Highway 403), which connects Brantford with the Greater Toronto Area.

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