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Driving in Quebec

Quebec has a comprehensive road network which runs predominantly from South-West to North-East. Most of the highways are concentrated in the region between Montreal and Quebec City. Most cities have old, narrow streets, so many of the residents prefer to buy hatchbacks, which is best suited for such conditions. At you can apply for a car loan within minutes, even if your credit is bad and as little as 48 hours, get behind the wheels of a new car.

All dealers are required to carry a license from the Office de la Protection du Consommateur. We do not recommend buying a vehicle from dealers that do not have this document.

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If a buyer is not able to decide on a vehicle during the time of purchase, the province of Quebec provides additional resources like Editions Protegez-Vous (French) or Automobile Protection Association.


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Recommendations For Buying or Financing Cars in Quebec

2-day Financial Contract Cancellation

If you started to pay for a vehicle in several installments but haven’t signed the financial contract, you have the right to cancel it within two days. You need to prove that you haven’t taken possession of the vehicle. This period begins when both buyer and dealer have a signed copy of the contract on hand.

The Inability to Return the Down Payment

Office de la Protection du Consommateur recommends that you make an informed decision before buying the vehicle. If you have already made a down payment, but later decided not to purchase the vehicle, then the dealer has the right to refuse to refund.

All-Inclusive Pricing

In advertising, the dealers are required to specify an all-inclusive price for the vehicle, including fees for preparation and delivery, administrative costs, and on air conditioning.

Consumers Dispute Manufacturing Defects

If you notice in the new vehicle a manufacturing defect, you can contact Canadian Motor Vehicle Arbitration Plan (CAMVAP). This is a "private court" which solves the problems associated with manufacturing problems. Your vehicle must have been manufactured in the same year or during the previous four years.

Requesting Compensation

All sellers of vehicles must have a license from the Office de la Protection du Consommateur. Part of the process of obtaining a license is a deposit, which in the future may be used as compensation if the seller does not fulfill its obligations.

Checklist for vehicle purchases in Quebec

For all residents in Quebec that are thinking of purchasing a vehicle, we recommend using our buyer’s checklist:

Understand your financial limits, work on a budget, and conduct research on available models from different dealerships.

Carefully review the contract information and be aware of any deposits that you are asked to make.

Get the dealer to provide in writing any new promises or offers during the negotiation phase

Make sure you are familiar with the purchase agreement before signing. Take your time to understand and read it thoroughly.

Be aware of all the fine print of a financial contract before you sign it.

Make sure to ask the dealer or salesperson for copies of the signed document and keep them in a safe spot in case you need to access them later.

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